This 3D Printed Subaru Flat-Four Engine Is Deeply Satisfying 2016-07-25 12-24-49

By now, we’ve all heard about the awesomeness of 3D printing and how it can be used to print bones, implants, toys, and various other objects. When it comes to 3D printing, the options are truly unlimited.

Enter Eric Harrell, who decided that he wanted to print a scale, but fully functioning model of Subaru’s EJ20 WRX engine.

As Harrell points out, the engine is “fully functional as in all parts move as intended in the real thing. Do not confuse it with a real engine, as this is not. It is a model.”

Jalopnik reports:

So, you know, don’t expect to run a fuel line to it and get anything other than a mound of melted and possibly smoldering plastic.


Even so, with a little electric motor providing the power, this is a fantastic way to see how all the parts move and work. Harrell used hand measurement tools and built everything in SolidWorks modeling software, – this all looks like a ton of work.


He’s got more plans for the future, too:


Next I would like to do the AWD transmission for this engine or a LS1. If anybody can help with providing an engine to model from, it would be greatly appreciated.


So, if you have an LS1 you’d like see transformed into data and then plastic, let the man know.

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