TinkerCAD Brings World Cup Challenge to Young Makers

It seems that all kids today play soccer and a good many are using 3D Printing at home or school, as well as playing with MineCraft.  Combine these activities for the younger set, and you’ve got the TinkerCAD World Cup Challenge.


Autodesk, who saved TinkerCAD from being scrapped a few years ago, has created a series of 3D printable  designs dedicated to the 32 national teams that qualified for the final stages of the World Cup.  The models can also be generated in MineCraft, the popular computer game for kids.  Featuring their Penguin mascots,  TinkerCAD has added National Teams’ colors on their bellies.  Some of the models are actually the “players” of 2 teams lined up and ready to play on the field, complete with goal nets and field markings.


Kids are encouraged to submit their own designs and there are prizes like t-shirts for winning entries.  Complete rules can be found on the TinkerCAD blog.

This seems to be a cool STEM project. Getting kids attention is no small feat, and with the wide number of boys AND girls who play soccer, this is sure to be a strong hook.  MineCraft is also very popular and PrintCraft has allowed the younger set for whom CAD is still a challenge to 3D Print from their MineCraft designs.  Plus these Penguins are just SO adorable they are sure to appeal to all the little ones!

USA Penguin