Brilliant ukulele app gets 3D printed neck

futulele ukulele neck

The popular app called the Futulele turns your iPad into a Ukulele. There are two options, one is to use just the iPad for the chord fingering and the strumming, and another where you can finger the chords on a bluetooth or Wifi-connected iPhone with the Futulele Remote app.

Brilliant! Here’s how it works:

Wait, there’s a problem. You see that neck that connects the iPad and the iPhone? It doesn’t exist yet. Developer of the apps, Amidio, has not made the connecting hardware available yet. So, unless you can make up neck yourself or figure out how to hold both devices with your two hands and play, you’ve got a problem.

But, as we’ve seen so often, 3D printing comes to the rescue! Rather than waiting for an official connecter from Amidio or a third party, you can head over to Shapeways and buy a 3D print of the UkeNeke, created by juniortan. Here’s how he describes it:

Lightweight and surprisingly tough connector between iPad and iPhone/iPod touch* to turn your appropriate iOS devices into an electric Ukulele. Add Futulele from the App Store and you have a fun and easy solution to jam some hawaiian joy * some assembly needed, mainly, attachment via double-sided tape to your respective iPad/iPhone cases.

And there you go. 3D printing saves the day again.