Unfold the kiosk

3d printing kiosk

If you read this site you’re probably among those that are excited to see 3D printing’s popularity on the rise. There are individuals that are doing whatever it takes to coax the trend out of the shadows and the designers of Unfold have taken advantage of a ubiquitous icon: the street cart. When you stroll up to the Kiosk 2.0 you won’t be offered a polish sausage or gyro, but you can place an order for a hot 3D print.

Equipped with a Bits From Bytes printer and Polhemus 3D scanner, this Kiosk can create custom 3D prints on the spot. There are also a number of preprinted objects on display to show the capabilities of Kiosk 2.0. Unfold intends for the project to demonstrate how personal and immediate the process of 3D printing can be by placing a 3D printer in something that everyone is familiar and comfortable with.

Most people without 3D printers go online to get their prints, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Printing services are relatively scalable given that there’s demand; a lot of people have still never heard the term 3D printing (hard to believe, I know) and Kiosk 2.0 can definitely address that ignorance. Sometimes people just need to see the solution right in front of them before they realize they have an unmet need. Low-waste, cost effective personalized goods seem in constant demand and I’m glad to see such a commonplace approach to bringing awareness to 3D printing.

Source: Ponoko