Unseen Art: 3D Printing Classical Paintings for the Blind

Classical art is being recreated through the 3D printing process by the Unseen Art Project in order to allow the blind to enjoy timeless pieces like the Mona Lisa.

“There are many people in the world who have heard of classical artworks their whole lives but are unable to see them,” says Marc Dillon, a Helsinki-based designer.


Dillon is recreating classical pieces for blind people. However, blind people who interact with the art will be encouraged to touch it, creating sensory stimulation in a way that allows them to enjoy these pieces.

This Is Colossal reports:

With the price of 3D printers drastically coming down in recent years, Dillon’s project has the potential to “touch” a large population of people who have an interest in art but have never been able see it. As the campaign points out, “It would be a revolution to get blind people going to art galleries, people hate them because there is nothing there to touch!”

Photo credit: Unseen Art Project.