Very cool: a 3D printed 2D letterpress

A few hundred years ago the printing press was arguably the most paramount invention of the century. In all time prior, handwriting thousands of pages was the most efficient way of copying books. Now, digital copying is the fastest method, followed by modern printers. While modern printers make the printing press no longer necessary for bookmaking, it lives on as the letterpress which is used for decorative and artistic purposes. 3D printers don’t usually have much to do with text, though there are plenty of exceptions and the Stampomatica.


You can probably tell that the apparatus is actually made of cut wood, but the print blocks are 3D printed. That makes creating custom blocks really easy. Using new technologies to revitalize old ones can expand both technologies. Sending personalized postcards and letters actually makes 3D printed stamps. In fact, there are tons of stamps on Thingiverse.

Lino’s Type, a contemporary print press, and Technificio, an Italian maker facility, worked on the Stampomatica together. What would you print with one of these?

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