Wake Up With Nescafe’s 3D Printed Alarm Cap


What better way to start your morning,than with a cup of coffee?

Unfortunately, for most of us, we are usually made aware that morning has arrived by the alarming sound of, well, the alarm clock. But now, Nescafe has invented a way to bring the alarm clock together with the wonderful scent of coffee first thing in the morning with their “Alarm Cap” – a 3D printed coffee canister cap, designed to play different sounds to wake you up. When the alarm wakes you up in the morning, you simply turn it off by opening the canister and smelling the coffee.

With most people needing or wanting that first cup of coffee in the morning, it’s only natural that Nescafe would want capitalize on this. This design is the result of Publicis Mexico’s Innovation Lab NOTlabs, Los Angeles-based design inspiration company NOTCOT Inc., and illustrator Charmain Choi, who teamed up to develop this 3D printed Nescafe alarm. The cap plays seven different tunes that are synchronized with light; designed to create a soft and natural awakening.

There are only 200 of the limited edition Alarm Caps available. Each cap was hand-assembled in California, and the caps’ exteriors were 3D printed in nylon using an SLS printer by Shapeways. The interiors were 3D Printed on a Makerbot. Inside the cap is a simple system combining an OLED screen, joystick, and an Arduino-based platform.

So forget waking up to the sound of an alarm clock. Just get your hands on one of these 3D printed Alarm Caps –and have a cup of coffee at your fingertips the moment you wake up.