Watch Blind Mom React to 3D Printed Ultrasound Image of Her Unborn Child

Seeing your child on the ultrasound is a special experience for expectant moms.

Tatiana Guerra of Brazil, who lost her vision at age 17, however, had no way of knowing what her child would look like because she relies on her other senses to “see” her world.

That is, until her physician had an idea.

At first, the doctor tries to describe what he is seeing on the screen to help her visualize.


Then, using the ultrasound image, Dr. David created a 3D printed model of her unborn baby. The detailed results offer a glimpse offer a detailed representation of the little Murilo.

Tatiana’s reaction to feeling her unborn child for the first time is both emotional and priceless.It is also a reminder of the ways 3D printing is improving people’s lives in unexpected ways.

Photo Credit: Screenshot