What are the most popular 3D-printable models available for download?

You don’t need to be a 3D designer to come up with something to print on a 3D printer. with all the pre-designed models available for immediate download on the net. Tens of thousands of files are ready to download and print from various 3D communities.

This is a popular activity, but we’ve always been curious, what are people downloading? What are the most popular types of models people want to print?

A website called yeggi has the answer. yeggi is a search engine for printable (only) 3D models. They collect data from all 3D communities and marketplaces that offer 3D printable models for download.

With over 100,000 searches per month, these guys know what people are looking for. And they’ve put together some data in the accompanying infographic. You’ll find fantasy items such as Warhammer, dragons and of course Yoda at the top of the list, with cell phone accessories right behind that. And they’ve also put together a list of the top brands for which model files are available.

The infographics was derived by data gathered from 300,000 searches over the summer of 2013.

  • https://www.yobi3d.com Yobi3D

    Yobi3D is a 3D model search engine. You can search with simple keywords and see the results in 3D.