World’s smallest 3D printed car — Part II

small 3D printed car

The world's smallest 3D printed car (with working doors and wheels)

Last November we showcased the world’s smallest 3D printed car (watch video at link), created by mechanical engineer David Sun. It measured just 1 cm long. We’re talking about a car with revolving wheels. But that hasn’t stopped him from improving upon his tiny model.

He’s been busy improving upon his micro car. The new model is not smaller than 1cm yet, but the 1.5cm car has not only revolving wheels but moving hinges that let the doors open and close. The tiny pins on the doors are just .015″.

You can see the result in the photo above, that David sent to his friend, Sam at 3D printer maker Objet’s blog “It’s a 3D World.”

The car was printed in 16 micron resolution on David’s company’s Objet Eden 3D printer. Sam has promised David that they’ll now try to print this car on the Objet Connex Multi-Material 3D Printer, which whose multiple materials and colors will make it look absolutely awesome. Stayed tuned for pictures of this!

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