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If you have an interest in and an understanding of the world of 3D printing, and you think you can write pretty well, we’d love to publish an article you believe would be of interest to our many thousands of daily readers, we’d love to hear from you.

Why would you want to spend time writing a piece for 3Dprinter.net? For one thing, wouldn’t it just feel good sharing your knowledge about the exciting world of 3D printers? More selfishly for you, we’ll give you a short bio in the article, with a link to your site or social media profile. Not only will that bring you some traffic, but if you are at all familiar with Search Engine Marketing, links from important sites move your site up the search engine results page. Writing for popular sites who provide a link back helps your site.

And come on, everyone is a secret aspiring writer!

If you feel motivated, please contact us to propose what you’d like to write. All content must be original, and unpublished elsewhere, and will not be published elsewhere later.

The type of content we like to publish are stories that both those familiar and unfamiliar with 3D printing can appreciate. Whether it be a piece that explores the future of 3D printing, a case study, a product roundup or anything that just makes people realize the incredible power of 3D printing, we’re interested and want to hear your idea. If you got so excited and just wrote the whole darn thing already, go ahead and send the doc in — we won’t do anything with it until we discuss it with you.

You can either write to Mark at mark-at-3DPrinter.net or use the form below. Send us your ideas and we can talk about it, or if you’ve already got something written, go ahead and send your document.

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