You Can Now Get Close to a Woolly Mammoth, Thanks to 3D Printing

For many years, there has been talk about bringing the extinct woolly mammoth back to life with the help of DNA and the mammoth’s close relative, an African elephant.

Although there are reportedly labs still working on this endeavor, anyone longing to see a full-sized woolly mammoth up close and personal no longer has to wait until scientists work it out.

The National Science and Technology Museum of Taiwan decided they wanted something spectacular for their “Journey of Printing Collections.”

So they used 3D printing to reconstruct a woolly mammoth in gigantic proportions.

“We realized that 3D printing was not a matter of science and technology. Our approach to manufacturing is changing and digital tools will make their entry into our lives,” Sun Wei-hsin, the Museum director said. “Our ideas will now take shape more easily and faster. Common science education should be adjusted to show new generations how to approach the revolution that is taking place in the production and consumption in the era of digital tools.”

The result, which was printed in 197 pieces, is about as close as a modern person can get to staring at the extinct animal. It is also a spectacular center piece to the exhibit and showcase of 3D printing technologies that can help more people interact with the ever-evolving technology.