Z Corp’s “Additive Manufacturing Tech Briefs” presentation at TCT Live 2011

Designers, prototype specialists, technical directors, development engineers, product managers, purchasing engineers, design directors, chief engineers, sub-contractors, consultants and other manufacturing professionals descended upon Birmingham in the United Kingdom for three days at the end of last month, to participate in the TCT Live 2011 conference. They attended in search for the latest technologies that can help them reduce time to market.

With 3D printers redefining the “rapid” in rapid prototyping seemingly every year they meet, it’s got to be thrilling to see all the latest technology at ever-decreasing prices at each annual event.

Industry leader Z Corporation was there with speakers in tow, showcasing their technology. One of the sessions was titled, “Additive Manufacturing Tech Briefs,” given by Vice President of Product Management Joe Titlow. The talk provided a technical overview of the company’s latest product and material advancements.

Someone at YouTube put up a video of his presentation and I’m sharing it here. For those of you who are time-crunched or just want to see the cool 3D-printed prototypes that he shows the audience, just skip to minute 7:00. If you have the time though, watch the whole thing.

Joe Titlow has been with Z Corporation since 2004. He’s responsible for product strategy and leads product definition for hardware, software and consumable materials. Prior to joining Z Corporation, he worked in manufacturing and product development at Ford Motor Company, holding several positions including corporate strategy.