Nokia Offers 3D Printed Easter Chocolate Fun


This past Easter Nokia decided to take advantage of the holiday and combine it with 3D printing –and chocolate.

Nokia didn’t print chocolate bunnies, instead it printed out 3D chocolate logos. With 3D printing technology becoming popular around the globe, many big companies are looking for ways to become involved with 3D printing. There have been some interesting and creative advertising techniques, but none have printed their logo yet -until Nokia, that is.

#Chokia (“chocolate” and “Nokia”) is the latest 3D printed chocolate. The mastermind and chocolatier behind this concept is Mark Jones –a man who was tasked with 3D printing the Nokia logo in “chocolate ink.”

#Chokia is being printed on the 3D printer called “Choc Creator V1.” Choc Creator V1 is a desktop 3D printer that disposes the chocolate through the heated nozzle, layer by layer.

3D printing with chocolate is not a simple task. To create the shape, the Choc Creator printed thin layers of chocolate, between 0.5mm and 1.5mm. Since the chocolate quickly hardens, more chocolate can be added, layer upon layer –eventually creating whatever chocolate art (or logo) you hope to achieve.

Customization, personal expression, and innovation are central to the company’s ethos, says Nokia, which is part of the reason the company decided to print up the chocolate logo.

The 3D chocolate printer is available for sale to any average consumer for $4800, making it possible to print your own chocolate designs, if you’re prepared to spend that kind of money, that is!