Meet Scooter the 2-Legged Puppy and His Awesome 3D Printed Cart

Scooter did not have a very good start in life. Born with only two legs, he was put up for a adoption and faced an uncertain future.

That is when a Texas woman named Tina Gans stepped in and decided to give the little guy a chance at a better life.

Eager to help Scooter get around, she reached out to other dog lovers for help and she soon met another man who had a two-legged dog and also lived in Texas.

That tech-savvy owner of a special needs dog – whose name was not released –  had decided to build a cart for his dog to get around better.

After talking with Tina, he agreed to volunteer his time to make one for Scooter too.

KULR-8 Television, Billings, MT

Now, Scooter zooms around and plays with his own, custom-made 3D printed cart.

Tina said that while the cart has made Scooter a more independent dog, little Scooter has always been happy just the way he is.

“He doesn’t know he’s missing anything, so he’s an inspiration,” Tina said about her pup. “I just want everybody to understand that, you know, they can have a great life.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot via 3D Print