3D Printed Music Box: Create Your Own Tune With the Music Drop


We all remember having fun with old-fashioned hand-crank music boxes. Watching the needles plink over different heights of metal, watching as a combination of timing and shape somehow created a tune. While music boxes are not new, the freedom to create your own tune, and have it 3D printed into a music box, is.

Left Field Labs’ Music Drop allows you to create your very own tune, which will then be 3D printed and shipped to you, allowing you to marvel at the wonders of modern technology, and replay the tune every time you crank the handle.

Left Field Labs is bringing the past, present, and future together into the tiny Music Drop. Combining a music box –a favorite from the past, with a tune from the present and with 3D printing technology of the future, they have created a customized and unique innovation.

“We are all about using technology to help humans be, well, more human, and so we updated this small device with some of the emerging technologies of our time,” Left Field Labs wrote. “We wanted to create a modern day adaptation to put tech and cheer right in your hand.”

So how does it work? Head over to Left Field Labs and find out! Their website features a grid that allows you to create your own 16-note tune. A program then translates your ‘clicks’ into plastic nubs, which is then 3D printed and placed into a raindrop shaped plastic container that is shipped straight to you -which means that your favorite tune is just a crank away.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Music Drop, the free print and ship option has been disabled. But you can still sign up to create your tune and save it. Left Field Labs is creating a backlog of orders and will email when it is getting ready to do another print run.

  • absplasticdotEU

    Nice article and very nice website! There is still a lot to learn for me 🙂

    • http://cmro.travis-starnes.com Travis Starnes


      Yep the world of 3D printing is growing so fast it is hard to stay on top of it.