Gift ideas from Cubify Pics

Did you like those BumpyPhotos? Maybe they’re a little too creepy for you? Or too expensive? Well I’d like to say that this new alternative from Cubify is cheaper but I couldn’t get a price for my prints without a Cubify account, which I don’t have, and I’m sorry but I’m not a dedicated enough journalist to create an account for the sole purpose of… oh right, these are free. And they’re definitely less disturbing. If you own a 3D printer you can simply go to the Cubify Pics app, upload your photo, make some minor adjustments and then their servers process your creation. You’ll promptly receive an email that informs you that your print is ready for download in .stl format. Here’s what I made.

cubify pics app 1

That’s our friendly neighborhood cyborg police officer Alex Murphy (aka RoboCop) in LINES effect with high detail and low thickness, which refers to the lines.

cubify pics apps 2

Here he is again in SHADE effect with a low value, which adds more darkened area as you slide it to the right.

It’s rather straightforward. With a little sliding it’s pretty easy to capture the likeness of the subject of a picture, or you can do this:

cubify pics app 3

That’s me in what I call “Divine Toast” effect.