Print duplicate objects simultaneously with the Hyrel 3D printer

Successfully crowdfunded in November of last year, the Hyrel has made steady progress through development. The Hyrel can simply do things that other 3D printers cannot: there’s an (optional) onboard computer, it can print with up to four extruders, and it can be fitted with the EMO-25 for printing with clay, plasticine, Play-Doh, silicone, and Sugru. But being equipped with four extruders means more than having multicolor prints; multiple materials and objects can be printed at the same time.

All of the extruders are hot swappable, though the EMO-25s take up the space of two MK1 plastic extruders. So either up to four plastic duplicates can be printed simultaneously or two clay/silicone/plasticine. Of course, they have to be small objects, else they’ll overlap. But still, that’s four times faster than every other desktop printer. The personal factory is becoming more literal every day.

Source: Hyrel

  • Andy Cohen

    Ditto printing has been available for Makerbot and Makerbot clones via the Sailfish firmware for over 6 months now. OK… it won’t print …clay…. but still I print simultaneously from both extruders on my super cheap Flashforge all the time. So… how come you never did a story on SAILFISH?! You really should you know. Take a look and you will find that it is quite awesome.

    • Cameron Naramore

      Because I was not aware of Sailfish, so thanks for informing me. I knew this wasn’t the first time this has been done, but I think it is the first to do four on a desktop printer. I don’t have a dual extruder but I’ll look into Sailfish for when I get one. I’ve considered getting a Flashforge; do you like yours?