Thing of the Week: Engines!

For the very first Thing of the Week, I covered this awesome stirling engine:

Stirling engines are my favorite engines, but they’re not the only kind on Thingiverse, so I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Ford Engine Block by Ford

ford engine 3d printed

Recently Ford gave all of their engineers 3D printers , so this non-functional 4.0 V6 is a bit of marketing, but it’s still pretty cool.

Mini working model V8 Engine by jamesl_89

If the V6 wasn’t enough for you, this V8 should do the trick, especially considering that it actually works. Take THAT Ford! This engine was designed in Solidworks and printed on the Up Plus printer to test its limits. I’d say this counts as a success.

Steam/Compressed Air Engine by Gizmoguyar

An air engine designed “for fun” turned out to work with a bit of sanding and graphite. Since steam is only a few degrees cooler than the melting point of ABS, it is best to keep to compressed air here.

Wobbler Engine by dolana97

This is similar to the previous engine, but it wobbles. Again, I’d avoid steam.

Wind-Up Engine 1.2 by cymon

While this wind-up engine doesn’t quite work, it’s very close. When it does get to being functional, it’ll be really useful, so help him out!