QIDI Tech X-CF Pro 3D printer Reviews

QIDI Tech X-CF Pro 3D printer is an FDM printer from the manufacturer QIDI Tech. Productive and fast equipment suitable for educational institutions, businesses and advanced makers.

QIDI Tech X-CF Pro has a large enough print area of 300x250x300 mm to create batches of small parts or large products. The dual Z-axis provides printing stability at high speeds.

Metal extruder with heating temperature of 350°C provides precise and uniform feeding of plastic to the place of printing. Sufficiently high temperature extrusion allows printing with different materials: ABS, TPU, Flex and others.

Printer has fully enclosed design with transparent windows for printing observation. QIDI Tech X-CF Pro has a special spool holder to protect the material from moisture. The holder attaches to the back of the case and has a transparent cover to keep track of the amount of remaining material. A built-in thread end sensor will alert the user when the spool needs to be changed.

The heated magnetic printing platform makes changing substrates quick and easy. Flexible PEI substrates allow for easy removal of the product after it cools. BLTouch automatic table calibration makes setup as easy as possible, even for beginners. 20 alignment points allow for absolute accuracy.

The X-CF Pro has a built-in ventilation system. The printer is controlled via a 5″ touch screen. Simple and easy menu navigation makes it easy to change settings and start the printing process. Print files can be transferred remotely via Wi-Fi.

The 3D printer comes with the proprietary QidiSlicing slicer. The software has a wide range of tools for preparing 3D models for printing and configuring the printer, as well as advanced options for printing with nylon and carbon filament.

QIDI Tech X-CF Pro 3D printer advantages

Productive enclosed printer allows you to create parts from a variety of plastics. Thanks to the enclosed filament storage material does not lose its physical characteristics, which has a favorable effect on the quality of the finished products.

Features of QIDI Tech X-CF Pro:

  • enclosed printing chamber;
  • integrated ventilation system;
  • Closed filament supply chamber;
  • rich set of accessories;
  • easy operation;
  • included software.


Brand: QIDI Tech

Country of manufacturer: China

Printing Technology: FDM / FFF
Print material: Plastic filament
DIY (assembly kit): No
Printer Enclosure: Closed
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Extruder type: Direct
No. of print nozzles: 1 pc.
Extruder temperature: 350 °С
Table temperature: 120 °С
Printing area: 300x250x300 mm
Guides: Shafts
Calibration: Automatic
Printing / Growing Speed: 30 – 150 mm/s
Layer thickness: 20 μm
Full color printing: No
Number of colors: 1 color
Heated table: Yes
High temperature printing: No
Video camera: No
Forced chamber heating: No
Plastic presence control: Yes
Resume printing system: Yes
Built-in 3D scanner: No
Connection interface: USB (USB flash drive), USB (cable), Ethernet (LAN), Wi-Fi
Compatible OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Product Dimensions: 475x357x380mm
Package Dimensions: 565x445x500mm
Net Weight: 28 kg
Gross weight: 33 kg

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