Objet’s craziest 3D printed part ever

RAPID Objet puzzle piece

This multi-material, 16 micron resolution puzzle piece was printed with an Objet Connex 3D printer

The folks at Objet have a terrific blog that highlights case studies of customer applications, and plenty of other interesting 3D printing stories. Last week, blogmaster Sam Green posted a story about what he calls “definitely the craziest 3D printed part that I’ve seen for quite some time.”

That’s saying something.

At this year’s RAPID show that just finished up in Atlanta, visitors to the show were given a list of exhibitors that were giving out a puzzle piece they had printed. If the attendee gathered all the puzzle pieces, they could put it together into a solid cube.

RAPID 3D puzzle

The completed 3D printed puzzle

What’s interesting here is not the clever marketing, but the puzzle piece that Objet created. The 3D printed piece features various opaque objects suspended within a clear, smooth transparent body — and all of this was printed in one single print run. This is multiple materials integrated into one single-step print. In addition, you have to take note of the extremely fine details; the 16 micron resolution is incredible.

You can really appreciate the fine detail in the photo above, where you can see the skeletal hand, spring coil and Eiffel Tower in relation to the size of the lines on his finger.

The puzzle piece was printed on an Objet Connex multi-material 3D printer.

Via: Objet blog

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